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Desert in Bloom Jumbo Bag

Desert in Bloom Jumbo Bag

Storage solutions don't need to be all about plastic boxes and over-filled draws, our original jumbo storage bags are the most stylish way to store anything and everything. An original design with hand drawn succulent and cactus illustrations, this gorgeous cactus printed Desert in Bloom bag is perfect as a laundry bag, or for storing out of season clothes and spare linen.

Our jumbo bags are also a great alternative to boxes when you're moving house, going on a trip in the car, or for students moving into their new accommodation. And once you're done with them you can fold them up and put them away until you need them again.

Plastic, Nylon

Length 55 cm, Height 48 cm, Width 28 cm

Desert in Bloom storage bag - Made from recycled plastic, with metal zip fastening.
Ideal as a laundry bag.
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