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Heart Dipping Bowls Side Dishes - Set of 5

Heart Dipping Bowls Side Dishes - Set of 5

Perfect Individual Dip Bowls!

Small bowls set great for serving soy sauce, ketchup, salsas, appetizers and side dishes for BBQ, buffet or dinner party gatherings.

Versatile dinnerware to suit many uses: dipping sauces, souffle, lava cakes, cupcakes, french onion soup, olives, quiche, ice cream, butters, toppings, spreads, seasonings, grated cheeses, blueberry crumble, relish, ground pepper and garnishes, or accompaniments like condiments, olives, jams, candies and more!

- Made of lead-free and non-toxic fine porcelain 
- Heat resistant & impact resistant - Oven safe, microwave safe, dishwasher safe and disinfector safe, can be use straight from oven to table
 - Easy to Care. Glazed porcelain resists cracking and staining .
- Easy to clean, lasting clean without residual odor, smooth surface will look new after every use.

Capacity: 140ml
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