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Lavender Fleece Wheat Warmer

Lavender Fleece Wheat Warmer

☆ Microwave to heat the grains and release the lavender scent to soothe and comfort everyday stresses, strains, aches and stiff muscles. 

☆ The perfect shape for treating almost every part of the body. Simply heat in a microwave and apply the wrap to the tired joints and muscles and enjoy the gentle warmth and soothing aroma.

☆ It can also be used as a cold compress by placing in a bag and putting in the freezer. 

☆ Half filled to allow it to fit snuggly around your neck or body. Soft, fleece material.

☆ The Lavender Body Wrap can be used as a practical alternative to the hot-water bottle therefore avoiding troublesome filling, risk of scalding and danger of leaking. 

L48 x W15cm.
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