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Lavender Bunch - Flower Arrangement Decor

Lavender Bunch - Flower Arrangement Decor

Beautifully Dried Lavender Bunch

Pop this lavender bunch in a vase on your kitchen table or on top of your dining room cupboard. It will make the room smell incredible! 

Perfect for decoration, a bunch sitting on the windowsill fragrancing the room or filling an old jar or vase adds the perfect rustic charm for a country home.

How about getting creative? Involving it in a DIY project to create your own wedding, event or home decorations. 

The list really is endless for lavender, we love it, and it smells blooming lovely! Dried flowers make a lovely keepsake item for years to come, so why not gift it to your favourite person.

On average around 300 stems in each bunch, 30cms long.
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