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Spathiphyllum 'Peace Lily' Indoor Plant

Spathiphyllum 'Peace Lily' Indoor Plant

The Spathyphylum more commonly known as the ‘Peace Lily’ is an evergreen perennial with large dark green ovate leaves, small white flowers with a dense spike appear in the Spring. The Peace Lily is best planted in a partially shaded location. This plant has the ability to absorb potentially harmful chemicals. This plant is also notorious for being low maintenance as it requires very little attention.

Pot Size: 9cm (Image for Illustration purposes - supplied in growers pot, decorative pot not included).
Height Supplied (Inc. Pot): 20-30cm

Characteristics: Stunning white lily flowers known as 'spathe' will begin the bloom with little hinds of yellow towards the centre - which will last for a couple months. Studies show the 'Peace Lily' plant can help remove various pollutants in your home.

Growth & Spread: Predict optimum growth of between 50-60cm and 20-30cm spread over time.

Suitable For: Office Plant, Indoor Plant, House Plant, Conservatory Plant, Windowsill Plant; Birthday Gift, Anniversary Gift, Retirement Gift, Living Gift, Wedding Gift, Wedding Favor.
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