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Moroccan Metal Round Silver Serving Tray - 30cms

Moroccan Metal Round Silver Serving Tray - 30cms

This handcrafted hammered and decorated item is made with an elevated border across the serving tray, engraved with orient motifs, and very popular as a decorative bowl, tray, and plate or for floating candles.

The shape is round, the decorations are oriental Moroccan, fit perfectly for creative decor ideas, as a serving dish, candlelight for candles at Christmas or Easter, For Carrying Drinks Snacks Tea or finger food, Display Piece For Coffee or Side Tables in your Home, Living or Dining room.

Size: 30cm diameter 2.5cm high edge | Material: aluminum | Color: silver colored. Hammered and decorated.

This Kitchen Accessory is compatible with Industrial, Retro, Colonial, Shabby Chic, Baroque, Antique/Vintage or Modern Decor and Designs.
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