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Outdoor Nature Treasure Hunt Card Game

Outdoor Nature Treasure Hunt Card Game

This fun game invites you to use your senses to discover items in nature.

It is a simple, fun card game that can be played anywhere... down on a farm, at a picnic in the park, on a walk in the woods, at the beach... wherever. Enjoyed by children and adults alike each game varies according to your environment and the season. It fits neatly into your pocket and comes in a handy little draw string bag.

Gofindit is a game, a journey, an exploration. It is a fun way to discover any outdoor environment using all your senses. It is an instant natural treasure hunt card game comprising of 33 uniquely designed cards which can be used in any outdoor setting, urban or rural. 

It can be played by children and adults alike and no two games will ever be the same! There's a world full of fascinating natural objects, big and small out there just waiting for you to gofindit. 

The cards are packaged in a small drawstring bag which represent different sensations and sensory characteristics you can find outdoors in nature.
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