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Pom Poms Decoration Kit - 20 Pieces

Pom Poms Decoration Kit - 20 Pieces

Create a beautiful festive atmosphere for any occasion! 
These DIY craft puff flower balls are pre-folded, pre-cut and tied with a string. They just need to be fluffed out, step-by-step assembly instructions are provided with each package.

Colours: Champagne, peach, ivory, white.

Assorted Tissue Paper Pom Pom Set (20 Pieces, 4 Sizes, 4 Mixed Colours) – 
4 pieces x 14 inch, 8 pieces x 10 inch, 4 pieces x 8 inch and 4 pieces x 6 inch; all sizes in 4 different colours.

Party Decorations – Suitable for indoor and outdoor events, birthdays, baby showers, bachelorette, nursery decor, graduation, engagement, anniversary, table or room hanging decor, kids and adults special occasions.
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