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Scented Silver Tin Candle

Scented Silver Tin Candle

Made in UK, 20 hours burn time.

Amber Blush:
 Enjoy this delicate, feminine fragrance with an enlightening blush of heliotrope, vanilla, pink peppercorns and smooth amber.

Persian Lime: 
An effervescent citrus fragrance opening with fresh Persian lime and zesty sweet grapefruit.

Clean Slate:
Pure, clean and fresh with hints of lily, jasmine and white rose; a fragrance to celebrate all things new.

Amber & Rose:
A heady floral heart of tuberose with top notes of violet and amber.

Tropical Watermelon:
A sweet, juicy, tropical, mouth watering scent that will remind you of summer days.

Egyptian Cotton:
A smooth, silky floral with notes of rose jasmine and carnations, warmed with a touch of clove.
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