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Silver Star Fairy Lights - Warm White LED

Silver Star Fairy Lights - Warm White LED

☆ These beautiful star lights are perfect for draping around mirrors, mantelpieces and headboards both at Christmas and all year round. Being battery operated you can hang these fairy lights just about anywhere in your home without having to worry about trailing cables or having a plug socket nearby.

☆ The warm white LED bulbs give a soft cosy glow and the ornate filigree stars create gorgeous shadows. The lights are safe for use around fabrics and furnishings as the LEDs stay cool. The discreet clear cable will blend in easily with any surroundings and the slim battery box can be tucked away from view with ease.

☆ The lights are fabulously easy to operate, simply slide the side of the battery box off, insert 2 x AA batteries (not included), replace the side and switch the ON/OFF switch to ON. You can expect up to 50 hours illumination before the batteries will need replacing.
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